Franchisee training and support

The Rugbytots team are here to help your franchise flourish and succeed


We have been operating Rugbytots franchises for over 15 years and support over 350 franchisees around the globe. We provide practical training and support with everything from marketing and promotion to HR and managing bookings.

But we’re not simply a remote resource, we love to get together with our franchisees – and love our franchsiees to meet one another. It’s all part of the friendly, family-style approach we take to business.

As a new member of the Rugbytots franchisee family, we will welcome you in with a proven programme of pre-launch business and coaching training to ensure you can hit the ground running.


You will receive 16 hours of desk-based training, delivered in eight 2-hour sessions by Zoom or, if you prefer, in person at Head Office. We cover everything from creating your launch plan and using our internal systems, through financial and venue mangagement, to promoting your classes and recruiting coaches.

Coaching training

You will get 2 structured training days with a master trainer and head coach or existing franchise ownew. This is followed by 4 weeks of buddy training and support from a franchisee near to your area, with 3, 6 and 12-month follow-up visits.


We help you spread the word about your classes easily and effectively


We provide you with a comprehensive range of materials personalised with your franchise contact details.

Most items are available with up to six different image choices, so you can pick the one that best reflects your situation and your target audience.


We’ve a a fantastic body of ready-to-go posts, images, video and other great content available for you to use.

But we know finding the time to post regularly can be challenging, so a dedicated team at Head Office will post varied content across your Facebook and Instagram pages four times a week.

Rugbytots' Instagram social media posts on a smartphone


We enable you to manage your growing business more professionally


We run an international operation, so provide franchise support 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

Key members of our Franchise Support team have been with Rugbytots for more than 10 years. So whatever assistance you need, they will be able to help.


Running a franchise of any kind can be isolating if you don’t occasionally reach out to colleagues. 

We have a variety of platforms for engaging on a local or national level. But nothing beats our popular regional and national conferences which include presentations, workshops and social events.


As you are likely to be employing coaches and coaching assistants, it’s vital that your business is backed by qualified HR professionals.

Our partnership with Simpla HR gives complete protection and peace of mind by reducing the burden of responsibility.


In 2007, Rugbytots was the first company in our industry to go fully online. Our custom-built booking system has always been unrivalled in the industry.

We’re continually improving it and adding new features to help you manage and grow your business even more efficiently and effectively.  

Screenshot of the Rugbytots booking system


Get the full lowdown on owning a Rugbytots franchise (including investment and location options) by ordering your Rugbytots Franchisee Prospectus. Or, if you would like to discuss things in more detail, book a friendly call or Zoom with one of our management team.
Rugbytots Franchisee Prospectus
Rugbytots' mascot Arty kicking a ball

Owning a Rugbytots franchise is a fantastic job. Helping children to develop physically, grow in confidence and stay healthy is immensely fulfilling and great fun too. I now get to spend far more time with my own children and the business decisions I make fit around me and my family.

Mike Stevens, Franchisee, Rugbytots WorcesterMike Stevens, Rugbytots Worcester

We have been running our franchise since 2008. Back then, we did not know the full growth potential of this business and have been amazed year-on-year at the increase in numbers! 

Kirsty McWilliam, Franchisee, Rugbytots Edinburgh & GlasgowKirsty McWilliam, Rugbytots Edinburgh & Glasgow

I have friends who run other types of franchise and it seems the support I get from head office is unrivalled. I personally love it, and now I am really starting to see the fruits of the labour I invested in the first couple of years.

Lizzie Smith, Franchisee, Rugbytots London North EastLizzie Smith, Rugbytots London North East

Rugbytots has literally changed my life and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to run my own franchise. I love rugby, love being my own boss and love seeing the children and parents get so much from the classes we run. The fact I can make a living doing this is a bonus.

Larry Kretzman, Franchisee, Rugbytots SuffolkLarry Kretzmann, Rugbytots Suffolk

Rugbytots is a great brand and a great product which children and parents love. Buying a Rugbytots Franchise was the best career move I’ve ever made.

Mike Stevens, Franchisee, Rugbytots WorcesterMike Stevens, Rugbytots Worcester

While the franchise requires hard work and drive to really make a success of it, the online systems, on-going training and support from Head Office make it easier. We love it and look forward to the years ahead!

Kirsty McWilliam, Franchisee, Rugbytots Edinburgh & GlasgowKirsty McWilliam, Rugbytots Edinburgh & Glasgow

Taking a Rugbytots franchise just before a global pandemic wasn’t the best timing, but seeing how the company pulled together to come out the other side in such a strong position was very inspiring!

Lizzie Smith, Franchisee, Rugbytots London North EastLizzie Smith, Rugbytots London North East
This website is all about becoming a Rugbytots franchisee. If you are looking for details of Rugbytots classes and want to find and book one near you, please pop over to our main site.